Wembley Downs House

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This modern 2 storey home is idyllically located overlooking a park in the quiet suburb of Wembley Downs. The residence takes full advantage of the view. Utilizing a contemporary, sharp architectural design, the home incorporates double glazed windows harnessing natural light and morning views.

The owner utilized EE270 FormPro walls on the western and eastern face of the building to maximize insulation value. These 2 blade walls act as deep beams on the second storey and support a 6m counter lever for bedroom and balcony overlooking the park. This in turn supports a n 18 metre unsupported beam on the southern perimeter of the property. On the northern face the owner utilized RR134 wall to maximize thermal mass and heat transfer in winter.

The build contained approx. 600m2 of Formcraft walls and solarpan roofing. A feature of the house was the construction of a counter levered island bench in the kitchen. Another unique feature is the ornamental fig tree growing up through the atrium in the centre of the house. The build was completed in 12 months.