Residential Products

Residential Products


FormPro Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF)

Insulated concrete formwork (ICF) systems are being rapidly adopted around the world as an energy efficient, fast-track and a cost-effective structural wall system. This permanent formwork method has been used in Europe and North America for many years for the exterior walls of residential buildings.

The FormPro™ ICF wall system uses expanded polystyrene (EPS) panels as the permanent formwork and insulation for the steel reinforced concrete walls. Once the concrete hardens, this insulated concretewall system easily outperforms traditional construction methods in terms of strength and energy efficiency.

FormDeck Suspended Slab system

FormDeck™ is a lightweight concrete formwork used to create a insulated concrete suspended slab. The insulating EPS formwork profile forms structural concrete T beams integrated with a thinner, flat concrete suspended slab. This reduces the weight significantly while maintaining the strength of the concrete suspended slab or deck.

The EPS formwork remains mechanically locked to the underside of the concrete slab when erected and steel C Channels integrated into the permanent EPS formwork provide additional support for the concrete slab during the pouring process. Additionally, plaster board can be attached to the steel C channels, directly to the underside of the FormDeck™ formwork.