FastForm the next generation wall system offers a smart solution for code compliant structural wall systems. It also functions as its own deep beam transfer structure, eliminating the costly need for including separate deep beam structures and columns for building integrity. FastForm wall systems are used on many types of projects including apartments, hotels, architectural homes, aged care and student accommodation. The walls have many applications as external walls, internal walls, deep beams, party walls, lift shafts, shear walls and stair wells.


  • Reduced structure costs
  • High structural capacity with reduction in wall footprint
  • Compatible with all suspended slab systems
  • No need for structural steel lintels over openings
  • Features a range of single or double reinforcement connection systems
  • Efficient transfers within walls reducing transfer slabs
  • Easy to design and specification
  • Speed of construction
  • Reduced cranage and site handling
  • Acoustic and fire rating exceeding BCA requirements

Formcraft provides you with everything you need to design FastForm walls through there detailed design guide which covers specification, certification, performance, standard details with corresponding CAD files.