The FastForm® insulated concrete formwork system provides the option of using 6mm Fiber Cement (FC) board or 60mm insulated EPS panels on one or both sides of the ICF concrete walls. The ability to use combinations of EPS and FC panels in the wall system broadens the scope for construction of walls with a range of R values, sound transmission coefficients, fire ratings and overall thicknesses for different structural applications.

This lightweight insulated concrete wall system easily outperforms traditional construction methods.

  • Formcraft produces detailed shop drawings for each project before customising each wall so that it is precisely prepared ready for assembly before it arrives on site. Because of this on-site waste is dramatically reduced.
  • Faster to erect than traditional blockwork which leads to reduced cycle time
  • Far more cost effective than precast concrete.
  • No internal steel components that could rust
  • No need for additional battens and insulation to achieve BCA compliance for thermal, fire and sound specifications
  • A quote from Formcraft includes all required components from the start, so you know you can in turn quote your client accurately with no surprises.

FastForm wall systems are used on many types of projects including apartments, hotels, architectural homes, aged care and student accommodation. The walls have many applications as external walls, shear walls, party walls, lift shafts, blade walls and stair wells.

Formcraft provides you with everything you need to design FastForm walls through there detailed Design Guide which covers specification, certification, performance, standard details with corresponding CAD  files. Formcraft also offers project coordination assistance and  In-house shopdrawing and scheduling services.