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Is FORMPRO faster to build with than other wall systems ?


Yes. Significantly, due to the following: 

5 Kg for each 1200 x 600mm module, lightweight, easier and faster to handle.

Reduces the number of trades normally required.

Eliminates the need for masonry trades.

Service trades can easily chase into EPS panel with hot knife 

FORMPRO eliminates floor slab edge boards.

FORMPRO is not affected by wet weather conditions.

Significantly reduces the time possibly lost at construction sites due to accidents, access and cranage related issues.

All of the above benefits equate to fewer workers and amenities on site, which means less time and lower cost. 

The best walling system for below ground conditions  
Lighter (10 kg/m2), no cranage required, ideal for constructions with access difficulties. 
Easier and faster to install even by non-skilled labour. 
Incorporates insulation and ability to easily chase for service reticulation and for easy plasterboard screw fixing. 
Can be used as deep beams and footings to eliminate costly transfer structures 


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