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Does Formcraft provide technical assistance

Yes. Comprehensive technical backup is available for architects, engineers, and construction workers. Please see Support

he only difference is that all or some exterior, party and corridor walls are employed as load bearing elements. Internal partition walls of sole occupancy units are the only lightweight walls. Blade columns are linked to each other to form walls rather than individual structural load carrying elements. The advantage of FORMPRO in comparison to a conventional frame structure can be summarised as follows:
o FORMPRO walls support slabs rather than being supported by slabs, thus resulting in lower cost floor slabs.
o The walls and slabs are all made from the same material, i.e. concrete. This homogeneity achieves similar behaviour of both slabs and walls. 
o Reinforcement of the floor slabs requires significantly less time and less steel.
o FORMPRO walls can be employed as deep beams thus resulting in substantially cheaper transfer slabs than in conventional frame systems.
o FORMPRO walls constructed with concrete slabs require one trade only. The concreting trade can complete the entire building shell without leaving the construction site and the water pipes, power/communication cables etc can be installed at any time without interfering with the concrete trades. 
o FORMPRO requires fewer workers, less site amenities, and more importantly eliminates a significant number of dependent trades, taking them off the critical path.


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