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Precast ICF

The PreCast ICF system utilises ICF technology to efficiently and quickly manufacture custom precast concrete modules for commercial construction.



Pre-insulated  precast concrete is a new concept in precast systems. Formcraft has been at the forefront of its development and has undertaken significant research and development and now manufactures a range of precast insulated concrete solutions.


Formcraft can provide a range of Precast Concrete Solutions including;

  • 2D Insulated Tilt-panels (see FormTilt).
  • Multi-planar (3D) C shaped sections that includes wall and floor elements in one monolithic module
  • Purpose-Built Precast ICF Modular units


In addition to its integral insulation, the precast ICF system offers significant advantages over other precast systems in being able to more cost-effectively provide insulated multi-planar concrete sections with design flexibility and rapid production times. Reduction of on-site labour and faster cycle times between floors in multi-storey construction is possible.

The use of ICF wall and slab technology in the manufacture of precast modules provides the flexibility and efficiency to cost-effectively produce custom made concrete sections for integration into a range of modern, energy efficient commercial and residential projects.





ICF Tilt Panels

The option now exists to have a layer of EPS insulation integrated with a precast concrete tilt panel during production and utilized either on the inside or outside surface of the erected wall. A pre-shaped EPS panel, not dissimilar in profile to  FormDeck, is used to mould a concrete tilt panel with a series of ribs that lock the EPS insulation to the surface of the concrete.

The EPS layer can be supplied with embedded steel purlins that act as furring strips for screw fixing of cladding materials if required. Utility channels precut into the EPS panel during manufacture enable easy insertion of plumbing pipes and electrical conduits prior to attaching surface finishing materials.

Lifting lugs incorporated into the beams of the concrete during the casting process enable lifting chains to be connected for craning the wall panels into position on site.

These ICF tilt panels provide insulated wall solutions more cost-effectively than battened-out tilt panels with post-installed insulation.


Benefits of ICF Tilt Panels

The advantages of using ICF tilt panels over non-insulated or post-insulated tilt panels can be summarized as follows:

  • Higher energy-efficiency star rating for building – cost effective wall insulation with average R > 6.
  • Lower costs – 30% less concrete used due to ribbed panel design. Less release agent needed.
  • Lighter weight/m2, hence smaller cranes, greater reach, lower cranage costs.
  • Embedded utility channels within the EPS layer allow easy service installation.
  • Versatile – ICF panels can be manufactured in customized lengths and rib profiles for required wall heights. Option of insulation layer on inside or outside of wall.
  • Faster construction times and hence earlier occupancy of building.


Multi-planar (3D) C shaped sections

Precast concrete C sections have been used as an effective building design solution. C sections can be incorporated as key structural elements in suitably designed multistorey apartment buildings.

Formcraft is able to use its innovative ICF systems and methodology for the manufacture of precast ICF C sections.

The insulation inbuilt into the precast modules assists in achieving higher energy-efficiency star ratings. Other benefits of precast ICF system are outlined in the Advantages section below.


Advantages of 3D Precast ICF over Regular 2D Precast

The customised concrete sections and modules not only benefit from the energy saving characteristics of the EPS insulation, but open up new approaches to building design and construction, with time and cost efficiencies derived from the following features:

  • Ability to precast monolithic 2 – 6 sided modules.
  • One lift per module.
  • No props.
  • No formwork.
  • Safe working platform.
  • Few joints.
  • Fast cycle times.
  • Integrated insulation.
  • Ability to hide services in EPS.
  • Embedded furring strips.


Advantages of ICF Precast over Fixed Mould Precast

Precast ICF is free of many of the restrictions and additional costs that constrain 3D steel mould precast systems. For example with precast ICF manufacture, there are:

  • No upfront costs for fixed moulds.
  • Production isn’t limited by the number of moulds available.
  • Dimensions aren’t limited by mould size.
  • Greater energy efficiencies possible with integrated insulation.


Purpose-Built Precast ICF Modular Units

The precast ICF system has been extended to the production of complete prefabricated ICF modular room units that can be coupled and stacked to create medium density accommodation.

The units can be used as accommodation solutions for mining, oil and gas companies, sustainable and safe structures in extreme climatic, remote and fire prone regions, and modern multi-story and re-locatable accommodation.

The innovative modular units can be supplied with full fit-out and finishing to client specifications ready for transport to and placement on the accommodation site. The modular units are then craned into position on site and stacked in single or multi-storey configurations according to the design.



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