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The FormTilt insulated tilt-up panel system forms a ribbed concrete structure that provides a reduction in concrete weight while maintaining strength and superior thermal performance.

Pre-cut, reduced weight, faster to finish and faster to occupy
Cost effective
30% Less concrete is used due to the ribbed concrete design.
Less need for release agent.
Can be incorporated into any pre cast or tilt panel project.
Lighter weight
Smaller cranes, greater reach panel placement.
Energy efficient
Average R = 3.5
Ability to hide services
Embedded utility channel and easy means of concealing
plumbing and electrical runs within the EPS.
Custom lengths
Customised lengths can be manufactured for wall heights
Technical Support
Standard engineering details available

FormTilt consists of a layer of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) formwork that acts as insulation integrated with concrete to create a strong insulated tilt-up panel which can be utilised either on the inside or outside surface of the erected wall. A pre-shaped EPS panel, similar in profile to FormDeck, is used to mould the concrete tilt-up panel with a series of ribs that lock the EPS insulation to the surface of the concrete tilt-up panel.

The EPS layer can be supplied with embedded steel purlins that act as furring strips for screw fixing of cladding materials if required. Utility channels precut into the EPS formwork for the tilt-up panel during manufacture enable easy insertion of plumbing pipes and electrical conduits prior to attaching surface finishing materials.

Lifting lugs incorporated into the beams of the concrete during the casting process enable lifting chains to be connected for craning the tilt-up panels into position on site.

These ICF tilt panels provide insulated wall solutions more cost-effectively than battened-out tilt panels with post-installed insulation.


Benefits of ICF Tilt Panels

The advantages of using ICF tilt-up panels over non-insulated or post-insulated tilt panels can be summarized as follows:



  • Pre-cut, edge forms incorporated in tilt panel formwork profile.
  • Faster tilt panel construction times and hence earlier occupancy of building.


Cost effective 

  • 30% Less concrete is used for the tilt panel due to the ribbed concrete design. 
  • Lighter weight/m2, hence smaller cranes for tilt panels, greater reach, lower cranage costs in construction.



  • Can be incorporated into any precast or tilt panel construction project.
  • ICF formwork panels can be manufactured in customized lengths and rib profiles for required tilt panel heights.
  • Option of insulation layer on inside or outside of tilt panel wall.
  • Ability to hide services within the permanent EPS formwork.
  • Lighter weight - Smaller cranes - Greater reach for tilt panel placement.


Energy efficient

  •  Higher energy-efficiency star rating for tilt panel building – A cost-effective wall insulation with an average R value > 6.


Product Showcase


FormTillt panels incorporated in a job in Fremantle