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The FormPro permanent formwork system forms load bearing walls and is a great solution for thermal, fire and acoustic attenuation.

Permanent insulated concrete formwork (ICF) systems are being rapidly adopted around the world as an energy efficient, fast-track and a cost-effective structural wall system. This permanent formwork method has been used in Europe and North America for many years in projects ranging from commercial and high-rise buildings to residential construction and retaining walls. The Formcraft ICF wall system uses interchangeable fibre-cement and expanded polystyrene (EPS) panels as the permanent formwork and insulation for the steel reinforced concrete walls. Once the concrete hardens, this insulated concrete formwork wall system easily outperforms traditional construction methods.



The FormPro® insulated concrete formwork system provides the option of using 8mm Fiber Cement (FC) board or 60mm EPS panels on one or both sides of the ICF concrete walls. The ability to use combinations of EPS and FC panels in the FormPro® ICF wall system broadens the scope for construction of walls with a range of R values, sound transmission coefficients, fire ratings and overall thicknesses for different structural applications.



Research & Development

Formcraft Pty Ltd was set up to innovate, develop and supply best of breed construction systems to world markets. The company has and strong R&D focus and has successfully commercialised proprietary permanent concrete formwork systems used to form super-structures that are fast-tracked, pre-finished, insulated and economical. 

Design and development continues to provide some exciting new elements to the Formcraft permanent formwork construction system. They now result in a single building element that meets fire, acoustic, thermal and structural code requirements, while also offering a range of finished surfaces.


Product of Choice

FormPro® is acknowledged as the most technologically advanced Insulated Concrete Formwork wall system in Australia, because of its innovative design and technical features that set it apart from other ICFs. Since its introduction in 2005, FormPro has become the ICF of choice for projects ranging from large commercial projects and multi-storey residential developments to single storey mine camp accommodation and high-end homes.



FormPro Competitive Performance






Wall Materials

Interchangeable formwork panel options. EPS, Fibre Cement, Pre-finished FC &

Aluminium composite panels.

6mm Fibre Cement formwork panels only (unfinished).

Brick only (unfinished).


Prefinished Fibre cement and/or Aluminium panels available.



External Scaffolding

Minimal scaffolding required due to use of prefinished exterior formwork panels.

Scaffolding required for finishing the exterior formwork.

Scaffolding required for finishing.

Compressive Strength

Excellent. Steel reinforced concrete.

Excellent. Steel reinforced concrete.


Reo Placement

Easier placement of reo into formwork during insertion of connectors.

Difficult. Horizontal reinforcement needs to be fed in along length of wall.



Formwork includes inbuilt insulation saving time and cost.

R-values up to 3.5.

Additional time and cost required to insulate exterior walls.

Additional time and cost required to insulate exterior walls.

Impact Sound Reduction

Excellent impact sound reduction by EPS formwork panels.



Panel Connection.

Strong & lightweight plastic formwork connector (corrosion proof).

Galvanised steel connector. Heavy.

May rust over time.


Service Installation

Services can be chased into EPS formwork panels, saving time and cost.

If single wall element, services must be placed within the wall concrete.

If single wall element, services must be placed within the wall concrete.

Windows & Doors

Sub-frame built in to wall.

Ready for installation.

Additional installation, time and cost required.

Sub-frame not included.

Speed of Construction

Very Fast. Formwork components fit together easily and quickly.



Storage and Movement.

Flat-packed for easy assembly = Less storage area.

Finished formwork cassette only, greater bulk.

Bulky pallets. Small heavy components.