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Sales Agent

The Opportunity

There is a huge, largely untapped market in the construction sector throughout Australia for new energy efficient, cost effective building systems with the potential to supersede the less energy efficient forms of construction of the past.

Formcraft’s insulated concrete form (ICF) building technology for durable, insulated wall, slab and roof systems is poised to become market leader in Australia in ICF construction.

Formcraft is a young Australian owned company manufacturing its new propriety building systems in Australia and supplying all states and territories through its national distribution network of regional wholesalers and distributors.

The global energy crisis and Australian Government legislation requiring greater energy efficiency in all residential and commercial construction means the time is right for Formcraft’s new energy efficient building systems in the Australian market.

To tap into the bourgeoning market for Formcraft ICF now and into the future, Formcraft wholesalers and distributors urgently need sales agents in all regions of Australia.

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The Advantages

  • Selling Australia’s leading ICF system
  • Confidence that Formcraft’s ICF system meets all relevant Australian Standards and is supported by extensive test results
  • Powerful “green” benefits
  • Powerful time saving benefits in construction times
  • Clear positive differentiation with other ICF and non-ICF building systems
  • Builder and installer accreditation program to ensure consistency and quality assurance
  • CAD design and specification support for draftspersons, architects and engineers
  • Modular system with easy computerized quotation system
  • Support from a national distribution network to ensure reliable and on time supply of materials
  • Compatible with a wide range of finishing systems catering for individual client tastes
  • Access to client referrals through Formcraft’s internet marketing and web links
  • Enhanced image and profile as a progressive salesperson supporting sustainability


Formcraft Support

Part of Formcraft’s management philosophy is to provide on-going support to all its employees, wholesalers, regional distributors, sales agents and Accredited builders, and to lead by example.

We look forward to an exciting future through our involvement with like-minded partners in the Australian construction industry.


Formcraft’s Training Program

To assist potential sales agents to acquire the know-how to incorporate Formcraft’s ICF systems in their sales portfolio, Formcraft is providing the relevant training programs that provide the opportunity to become an Accredited Formcraft Sales Agent.

Formcraft Pty Ltd has a team of qualified trainers to provide the relevant training.

Participants are assessed at the conclusion of the program on key theoretical aspects and practical skills, and are issued with a Certificate of Competency on successful completion of training.


Eligibility Criteria

If you can tick all or most of the following boxes, you are invited to submit an expression of interest as a first step to becoming a Formcraft Sales Agent:

  • Understanding of the benefits of Formcraft ICF
  • Product promotion and sales capability
  • Some background in building materials sales &/or construction
  • Ability to quote on plans
  • Access to office and display space
  • Relevant business knowledge and skills


On-line Expression of Interest (EOI)

For access to an on-line Expression of Interest form, or to request more information, please click here.

After receiving your expression of interest, we will be in touch to provide more information about Formcraft eco-tech building systems and the training and support we offer to Formcraft Sales Agents.

Your initial Expression of Interest is of course simply that and not necessarily a commitment to participate any further in Formcraft’s Sales Agent Training Program, but is a starting point.

If we find a good fit between your aspirations and ours, you will be given the opportunity to complete an application to participate in our training program.

We look forward to receiving an Expression of Interest from you.