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Accredited Builder

The Opportunity

The construction industry is changing and the time to act is now.

It is increasingly apparent that climate change concerns are placing greater emphasis on the importance of more energy-efficient building materials and construction systems as well as solar passive building design.

‘Green’ and sustainable construction is becoming a widely accepted requirement to assure the future of our fragile global ecosystem.

Formcraft Pty Ltd is offering an exciting opportunity for builders wishing to be part of the sustainability movement to enhance there “green” profile and to gain competitive advantages in the construction industry.

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The Advantages

  • Access to Australia’s leading ICF system at discount prices
  • Confidence that Formcraft’s ICF system meets all relevant Australian Standards and is supported by extensive test results
  • Time saving in project cycle times
  • Powerful “green” adjunct to portfolio
  • Point of differentiation with other builders
  • CAD design and specification support for your preferred draftspersons, architects and engineers
  • Support from a national distribution network to ensure reliable and on time supply of materials
  • Training of installers to ensure fast and high standard installation
  • Compatible with a wide range of finishing systems catering for individual client tastes
  • Access to client referrals through Formcraft’s internet marketing and web links
  • Enhanced image and profile as a progressive builder supporting sustainability


Formcraft’s Training Program

To assist Registered Builders adopt sustainable building initiatives and acquire the know-how to incorporate Formcraft’s ICF systems into their building projects, Formcraft is providing the relevant training programs that offer builders the opportunity to become Accredited Formcraft ICF Builders.

Formcraft Pty Ltd has a team of qualified trainers who provide a combination of in-house and on-site training in all States.

Participants are assessed at the conclusion of the program on key theoretical aspects, practical skills, professional merit and suitability, and if successful are issued with a Formcraft ICF Accredited Builder Certificate.

Please note that successful completion of the training program for Installation of FormPro™ ICF Walls is also a requirement to become an Accredited Builder. Other training programs such as for Installation of FormDeck™ Suspended Slabs & Roof Decks are available and can be added as required.


An Appealing Business Opportunity

Formcraft’s ICF panels are light weight and easily and quickly installed using Formcraft’s purpose-built bracing/scaffold system. This fast-track system allows excellent savings on installation time.

Trade and volume price discounts are available on supply of materials.

If you are ready to embrace new energy efficient building methods, now is the time to come on board and position your business in the expanding ICF construction market.


Formcraft Support

Part of Formcraft’s management philosophy is to provide on-going support to all its employees, distributors and accredited builders, and to lead by example.

We look forward to an exciting future through our involvement with like-minded partners in the Australian construction industry.


Eligibility Criteria

If you can tick all or most of the following boxes, you are invited to submit an expression of interest as a first step to becoming a Formcraft ICF Accredited Builder:

  • Registered Builder
  • Interested in using new energy-efficient, fast-track building technology
  • Have clients or potential clients wanting new, cost-effective, energy-efficient building materials and construction methods
  • Have viewed the Formcraft website www.formcraft.com.au or Formcraft construction projects and like the Formcraft ICF concept
  • Wanting to lift “green” profile and strengthen “green” construction portfolio
  • Value competitive advantage in the building industry
  • Value support from suppliers
  • Willing to work with Formcraft aligned architects/designers, engineers and energy assessors for an up-coming sustainable building project
  • Focused on consistently completing jobs to a high standard
  • Willing to consider training to become an Accredited Builder using Formcraft’s energy efficient and fast-track ICF construction systems


On-Line Expression of Interest (EOI)

To submit an expression of interest, please click here and complete the details on the online Expression of Interest Form.

After receiving your expression of interest, we will be in touch to provide more information about Formcraft eco-tech building systems and the training and support we offer to Formcraft ICF Accredited Builders.

Your initial Expression of Interest is of course simply that and not necessarily a commitment to participate any further in Formcraft’s Accredited Builder Program, but is a starting point.

If we find a good fit between your aspirations and ours, you will be given the opportunity to complete an application to participate in our training program.

We look forward to receiving an Expression of Interest from you.